Token Economy

The ARCADE2BIT platform seeks to build an ecosystem so that various web2 games can be converted to web3-based. And to ensure that this ecosystem is healthy and active, we are supporting the trading and exchange of assets in and out of the game.
The most important thing we considered in designing the token economy is the function of currency that is emphasized in economics. In economics, money eventually functions as a medium of exchange, a store of value, and a unit of measure of value.
Among these, what is evaluated as the core function of money is the medium of exchange, and the function as a store of value and measure of value is a function that can be exercised because money is a medium of exchange.
We believe that the A2B token can function faithfully to the basic purpose of such a currency. This is because, unlike general token economy design, we started and designed it from generating income. In other words, A2B tokens are needed as a medium for the circulation of cash sales generated through games. We will attract game companies to participate, publish more games, and sequentially expand target countries in Southeast Asia, so we can gradually generate more cash sales and create more circulation of A2B tokens. In conclusion, A2B token can guarantee appropriate value as a medium of transaction.

Including A2B tokens, there are four types of tokens in the ecosystem.

A2B Token: Native and Governance Token of the ARCADE2BIT Ecosystem
ANO (ARCADE2BIT NFT to OWN): NFT that can own the rights to publishing or the game itself
ANP (ARCADE2BIT NFT to PLAY): NFT that allows you to own assets in the game
ANN (ARCADE2BIT Node NFT): An NFT that supports the ARCADE2BIT blockchain network, participates in the ecosystem, and can receive rewards in return.
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