The Arcade2Bit platform functions as a general game platform that connects players and game studios, but in addition, it takes a differentiating strategy as a web3 game platform.
As Arcade2Bit's Web3 platform, to highlight some of the differentiating points, it is as follows.

Transparent Transaction

All transactions of Arcade2Bit are open to everyone transparently. The performance of each game, as well as all internal transactions, are disclosed, so all participants can check everything as a stakeholder. This is the most important and most fundamental feature of Arcade2Bit, which operates entirely as a web3-based platform.

Revenue Return to Ecosystem

Arcade2Bit publishes games whose profitability has already been proven in the market. In other words, many games within the Arcade2Bit platform can generate enough revenue. We give most of these revenues (except for the portion shared to the game studios) back to the ecosystem.

Market by country in Southeast Asia

Arcade2Bit is focusing only on the Southeast Asian market, and is maximizing its performance by building separate teams for each country. One of the beliefs of the Arcade2Bit team is that we will perform better when we increase user density by targeting smaller markets rather than larger ones.

The platform consists of the following elements.

ARCADE: Market-proven games are localized and released in Southeast Asian countries.
Launchpad: Game studios can register proven games in other markets. Highly rated games will be released in arcades.
NFT Marketplace: Consists of local partners in each country.
NFT Insurance: In conjunction with local insurance companies, insurance will be released that temporarily guarantees the price of minting NFTs.